Master Class

Teresa Smith
Catoctin School of Music (location map)
Wednesday, 1:00 PM
Start Date: Jan 8
Duration: 10 weeks
End Date: Mar 18


The Masters class for 3s/4s is designed to mirror some of the ways children are learning in a preschool classroom environment. We create opportunities in class for children to sing by themselves, take 'solo' turns playing with instruments, offer activity suggestions, and make up their own vocables or verses. While a lot of the class is just what you'd expect from a mixed age group, we also include activities not always common in a mixed age setting that are age appropriate for 3- and 4-year olds. Younger siblings are welcome to attend this class with their older sibling.

Upcoming Meetings
02/26/20    1:00 PM Wednesday 02/26/20 1:00 PM
03/04/20    1:00 PM Wednesday 03/04/20 1:00 PM
03/11/20    1:00 PM Wednesday 03/11/20 1:00 PM
03/18/20    1:00 PM Wednesday 03/18/20 1:00 PM
03/25/20    1:00 PM Wednesday (Moved from: 01/08/20) 03/25/20 1:00 PM
(Moved from: 01/08/20)