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We love music class. It's so fun to watch our son crawl away. Occasionally he will look back to make sure we are still there and then go up to other children and parents. His personality really shines in class. 2/15

Lyndsay McLaughlin

So fun! Teresa's love of music shines through, makes it fun for mommy and baby! 7/14

Katie Baer

My son can't stop singing the songs and is always looking forward to class! Ms. Teresa and Ms. Jennene are two of the best!!!! 7/14

Brooke Malin

My daughter and I love these classes! She is constantly singing and dancing now! 7/14

Jenna Watson

I loved this class! It's more than your average kids nursery songs. My kids loved the classes and even after we finished the class, the songs have stuck with them (and us parents!) It was especially great for my non-verbal son who recognizes the songs as soon as we sing them! It's amazing to see the change in him! 7/14

Jeannie Schnur

Music Together has far exceeded my expectations for being an activity my son and I could enjoy together. The teacher is absolutely amazing and continuously incorporates new sensory stimulating activities and child appropriate props into her program. This is a full participation program! My son has Developmental Delays and attention issues, but she was able to reach him. By the last class he was participating and even anticipating some of the hand movements and activities. There is singing, there is drumming, there is dancing, there is laughing, there is instruments, and there is deep learning!!! I am a true believer in this program and highly recommend it to children of all ages and skill levels. 6/14

Rachael, Ashburn, VA

Great class to have your "little tots" belong. It is more than singing songs together. I think it promotes developmental growth in socializing, communication, musicality and extreme FUN! 5/14

Darla Bengtson (Grandma)

Our daughter was born premature weighing only 3 pounds. We spent five weeks in the NICU and Adelyn came home on an apnea monitor. When some of her medical needs subsided we looked to find a class for her to be around other kids and to just have something fun to do besides all the appointments. We found that a lot of classes wanted her development to match her age and that just wasn’t the case. We didn’t feel comfortable having out 6 month old in the birth to 3 month classes so we were at a loss. We happened on Little Tots Music Together and gave it a try. During our first ten-week session our daughter went from not being able to roll from back to belly to being able to sit up unassisted and also came off the apnea monitor. On our very last class of that session, she was crawling. Six months later we are still enrolled in Little Lots Music Together with Ms. Teresa and we continue to be amazed with out little girl, as do the professionals who work with her. Everyone from her neurologist, ophthalmologist, pulminologist, speech and occupational therapist, developmental therapist, pediatrician…each of them has commented that taking Adelyn to Little Tots Music Together was the best thing we could have done for her developmentally. Our pediatrician even commented that he would “hate to think where she’d be now if it wasn’t for her music class”. We feel very fortunate to have found a class where we felt welcomed and one that has truly impacted our daughter’s life and the life of our family. Thank you so much Ms. Teresa! 3/13

Brooke Annessa

I began Music Together classes with my son this past summer when he was 14 months old. At first I was very skeptical. He did not seem to be participating, nor did he care that I was participating! He wanted to run around, exploring the room and would join in only when the instruments would come out. Little by little, I have seen a huge transformation in the 8 short months since we started. We have had so many positive outcomes from class. My son now likes to sing, dance, sway, clap, drum and pat his legs to the music, whether at home, in the car, or in class. He has also learned and refined valuable skills each time in class, such as cleaning up, sharing with others, taking turns, and working together through the use of various props and instruments. Each session we get a CD that we enjoy playing long after the session has ended. The classes taught me various activities and movements to do along with the music at home to reinforce his musical education! We look forward to class each week and look forward to many more sessions in Music Together! 3/13

Caroline Cikra

"Just wanted to say thanks. It was seriously depressing trying to find a class for us and this is exactly what we wanted - just something where she can be who she is and thats enough. We're SUPER excited! Even Mike was impressed - which for his accountant/serious/type A brain is saying a lot!" 10/12

Brooke Annessa

I saw a new and wonderful side to you today. Your Music Together class was amazing. You are just so in your element and talented. I have been looking for something for Scarlett and I to do together and I feel like this has given us a special little bond. The best part is that I put in the cd this evening and she was singing for Madison and telling her all about your class. THANK YOU, TERESA. 9/12

Jenny Peshoff