Welcome to Little Tots Music Together!

A rhythmical giggle from a smiling baby in her crib, a bubbly hum from Daddy doing the evening dishes, a happy tapper trembles an egg shaker with glee and spontaneously begins his own fun song - this is how Music Together®® lights up a family. Dinner time remembering words and motions to Ridin' in the Car leading to new silly verses and sometimes interesting table manners! Surprising motions and sounds from a one- year-old ends in great big hugs and kisses - that's what happens when Music Together comes home.

How can one weekly class make such a difference in a family's life? The musical, social and emotional bond created when a family plays and loves together makes a ripple effect that last far longer than the 45 minute class - it begins a lifetime of family music making!

Little Tots Music Together (a mommy and me type music class) offers research based early childhood music and movement curriculum in Loudoun County, VA for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and their parents and/or caregivers. Class time consists of informal singing, chanting, moving, listening and instrument playing activities that are developmentally appropriate for young children.