Music Together® Masters

The Masters class for 3s/4s is designed to mirror some of the ways children are learning in a preschool classroom environment. The structure of a preschool classroom, and the typical 'rules' that are in place in a school setting, are applied to a traditional Music Together class (e.g., no running, no screaming, etc.). Rules are established in a positive manner and are explained (usually by the children themselves) so that everyone understands WHY the rules are in place and students follow these agreements to the best of their ability.

While a lot of the class is just what you'd expect from a mixed age group, we also include activities not always common in a mixed age setting that are age appropriate for 3- and 4-year olds.

We create opportunities for children to sing by themselves, take 'solo' turns playing with instruments, offer activity suggestions, and make up their own vocables or verses. Children are encouraged to sing their own names during the Hello and Goodbye songs and to repeat tonal/rhythm patterns by themselves if they choose.

Younger siblings are welcome to attend this class with their older sibling. Most older children are aware that 'little' kids can't follow some of the rules yet, although we are always surprised at how some of these younger siblings rise to level of the rest of the class. 


How is a 3s/4s class different from a mixed age class? This class is similar in structure to a mixed-age class. However, in this family-style class the teacher may extend musical activities to include exploration in rhythm improvisation, independent singing, dance improvisation, and dramatic play. The Music Together approach has been integrated with great success into the preschool setting and we utilize our experience in that realm to inform our work in the parent/child 3s/4s classroom.

Do I attend the 3s/4s class with my child? Yes. Remember that you are still your child's most important role model, especially during this crucial stage of primary music development. Your participation and enjoyment is essential to their musical growth. The most important things you can model for your child are simply pleasure, interest, and the desire to participate in music activities!

Can my younger child attend the 3s/4s class as well? Yes, younger siblings are welcome to attend the 3s/4s class with their older brothers and sisters.

Master Class Schedule

No classes are currently scheduled.