Class Descriptions

Family Style Class

Birth - 5 years: This is the essential Music Together® class, one that a child can attend from birth through age five through all nine song collections. This basic class follows the recommendations of child development researchers—grouping children of a variety of ages because this fosters natural, family-style learning.

Younger children enjoy watching and imitating older ones; older children learn by leading younger ones; and adults are happy because the children in the family can go to class together. Each child participates at his or her own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, or exploring musical instruments. Any caregivers—parents, grandparents, nanny—can bring the children. The whole family is welcome for this important family music experience.

Free Demo Music Together Class

Come check out a Music Together class for free. Classes are 30 minutes long and are filed with singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching and exploring instruments. Sign up here

Music Together Online Babies

The one-semester Music Together® Babies Class was created especially for families with infants under nine months old. That’s right: It’s never too early to start our music classes!

Maybe you’ve noticed that your baby responds when you play a song in the car or sing to soothe him. Babies are naturally musical—and you don’t have to be a great singer or dancer yourself to nurture their love of music. In this music class for babies, your Music Together teacher will show you how you can support your baby’s music development through simple and fun activities. You’ll learn lots of musical ways to connect with your little one through music, and you’ll bond with the other new parents in your class, too. 


Music Together Generations is a mixed-age music class with the sweetest twist: the addition of elder participants! In senior residential and day programs across the country, people of all ages come together to sing, dance, shake shakers, and swing scarves.

As the children’s music-learning is nurtured, families also foster new and important relationships with the senior participants, who we call “Musical Grandfriends.” Seniors look forward to the children's lively visits and the chance to share memories and stories. The additional cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits for both children and elders make the Generations class a heartwarming win-win for everyone.

You'll value bringing this class into your child's foundational years. And if you haven't had much experience with older adults, you'll love what this class does for you, too.

Sing-A-Long Storytime

Join us for an hour of singing storybooks and casual playdate for ages 0-5 and their caregivers. 

Jingle Jam

This class is the same as our Family Style Class we offer year round except we will be singing your favorite Music Together and holiday songs. Join us for three weeks in December to help get you into the holiday spirit! Birth - 5 years.

Cookies & Cocoa with Santa
Come have cookies and cocoa with Santa. Santa is bringing his elf who is a professional photographer this year! She will edit your photos of Santa and kiddos and send them back to you via email with in a week. We will also have a face painter, crafts and my favorite part a sing-a-long of holiday tunes. Bring your holiday spirit! We can't wait to see you there.

We have three events starting at 9:00, 10 and 11.
$15.00 per child. RSVP is required as space is limited.

Event sponsored by Little Tots Music Together and Bambino.

Bambino is an amazing online app to help Loudoun County families find, book and pay local trusted babysitters easily! Our family has used this service numerous times and have always had great experiences each time. Bambino will also be giving each family a $10 coupon to be used on your next Bambino booking.
Birthday Party

Sign up for our birthday parties! They are great.

Master Class

The Masters class for 3s/4s is designed to mirror some of the ways children are learning in a preschool classroom environment. We create opportunities in class for children to sing by themselves, take 'solo' turns playing with instruments, offer activity suggestions, and make up their own vocables or verses. While a lot of the class is just what you'd expect from a mixed age group, we also include activities not always common in a mixed age setting that are age appropriate for 3- and 4-year olds. Younger siblings are welcome to attend this class with their older sibling.

Rhythm Kids Outdoors/Online

Rhythm Kids was created and developed by musician, composer and percussionist, Tom Foote with more than ten years of in-class research with children of all ages. Tom noticed that many children stop taking music classes between the ages of 4-8 because they aged out of "Mommy & Me" classes and they weren't quite ready for private instruction. Rhythm Kids is designed to help children integrate and assimilate rhythm into their lives in a way that would keep children engaged, and actively participating in music, for as long as possible.

Online Music Together Learning

While in the midst of the Corona Virus we are offering classes to our Little Tots families virutally. These classes will be 15-25 minutes long and offered five - six times a week. Please join our private Facebook group so you can access the zoom meeting passes.


We would like to take care of those in our community who are not abe to take a Little Tots Music Together class during this difficult time. If you would like to purchase a full or partial onine class opportunity for someone in need, please make a donation. Classes are $100 and 100% of the schoarship money recieved will be donated to Loudoun Hunger Relief. 

Please send family nominations to