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Catoctin School of Music

25 First Street, SE
Suite 4
Leesburg, VA 20175

The entrance to room #4 is around the back of the building along with a strip of parking. 

Be cautious of using your GPS as it may take you to a neighborhood behind the 7-11. You are looking for the 7-11 that has a gas station. If you can find the Post Office on Catoctin you are super close! The building is located directly behind the Catoctin Post Office, between TW Perry and the Car Wash.

Take King Street to Catoctin Cir SE

Take a right at the Post Office. Drive through the parking lot.

The driveway slightly to the left is the entrance Catoctin School.

Park to your right or around the back of the building. 

Room #4 only enters on the big porch.

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Catoctin School of Music